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*** Online Version *** "Golden Autumn Anniversary" Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

This lovely autumn-themed cake is perfect for an anniversary or a wedding. Susan beautifully creates the crisp feel of an autumn day with this cake, and it will be a true delight for the recipients.

Creating the cake is one thing... delivering it is another!

A very important feature of this video set is that you get to go along with Susan after the cake is made, and watch her set it up at the destination. She provides tips and techniques for the display and setup to make your cake decorating and delivery experiences less nerve-wracking!

Susan utilizes fondant and other decorating "tricks of the trade" with this cake. It's best to have the "Cake Decorating Made Easy!" basics under your belt, or have other cake decorating experience to get the most out of this video set!
*** Online Version *** "Shape, Model, and Rolled Buttercream" Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

Fondant isn't the only choice for a smooth cake surface - Tami shows you how to roll buttercream to covern a cake, plus add impression mat quilting, molded lace and lovely roses!

There are so many wonderful and special touches to this cake - it would be perfect for a birthday or anniversary centerpiece.
*** Online Version *** "Berrylicious" - Three Berry Good Cakes Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

"Berrylicious Birthday" is a lucious-looking birthday cake that appeals to both men and women.

"Strawberry Cream" makes a delicious cake with straberries and ladyfingers, which doubles as the perfect gift for a holiday event, complete with a ribbon wrapped around it!

"Tower of Raspberries" adds white chocolate "planks," colorful raspberries and whipped cream for a tasty tower treat.
*** Online Version *** "Retro Daisies" Birthday/Anniversary Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

This is a wonderful cake to make for those of you who are new to cake decorating, as well as a quick and easy cake for experienced cake decorators.

Tami creates a big "bouquet" cake of red and black daisies topped with more stand-up daisies and a number that can indicate age or an anniversary. It's bright, it's bubbly and it's fun!
*** Online Version *** "Vintage Embroidery" Brushed Embroidery Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

What a wonderful way to learn a new technique in cake decorating! Tami Utley gives you step-by-step instructions for creating this lovely cake with the "brushed embroidery" cake decorating technique.

And those poppies on the top are an added bonus - you'll learn how to make those, too!

So not only will you be able to make this gorgeous cake, you'll be able to take the skills taught to make many more of your own brushed embroidery designs.
*** Online Version *** "Queen's Request" Jeweled Cutwork Wedding Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

This wedding cake contains so many new techniques to learn and use in many different cake (and cookie!) decorating projects!

"Queen's Request" is a Jeweled Cutwork Wedding cake, but you also learn how to make the lovely roses on the top, and how to make the jewels!

And Tami has a special technique for jewel making that you can use over and over again.
*** Online Version *** "Ruffles in Red" Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

Here is a bright and charming cake where Tami Utley teaches some wonderful techniques!

Look closely, and you'll see that the top "ruffle" on this cake looks just like eyelet lace! Change colors, and you've created a baby bonnet for a baby shower.

The ruffle on the bottom is easy to do, yet gives a detailed result.
*** Online Version *** "Persian Pillows" Pillow Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

Make one or stack them the way Tami Utley does. After you see this step-by-step how-to video set, you'll be able to make a pillow cake any way you want!

Tami takes this cake to the limit with decorative jewels, golden tassels, quilting and tops it with Aladin's Lamp. The result is a feast of beauty and opulence.

If you've wanted to learn how to make a pillow cake, then this is the perfect way to learn it. Watch the videos over and over if you want - it's the easiest way to learn!
*** Online Version *** "Butterfly Fairy Tale" Bas Relief Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

Bas Relief is a three-dimensional impression where the image stands just slightly out from the flat background.

Learning the Bas Relief technique that can set your cake decorating above the rest! And contrary to popular opinion, it is not difficult!

Tami Utley gives you the basics for bas relief with this delicate and lovely cake entitled "Butterfly Fairy Tale."

After you watch her step-by-step process, you can make this cake or create your own bas relief decorating projects.
*** Online Version *** "The Eyelets Have It" Eyelet Lace Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

When you want to show off with some delicate additions to a cake, then knowing how to imitate "eyelet lace" is an asset!

And not only can you learn how to create an eyelet lace effect on a cake in this video set, Tami Utley also shows you how to make lovely two-toned "fans" at the top, along with delicate white flowers.

The result is elegant, smooth lines with a fine lace look.