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*** Online Version *** "Woodland Fairy" Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

Whimsy and fantasy abound with this delightful "Woodland Fairy" cake.  Any child (or adult, for that matter) will thrill at the sight of this centerpiece cake at a birthday party or other fun event.

The fairy princess sits atop her "throne" and overlooks the woodlands with flowers, toadstools, and fireflies.

Not only is this cake a joy to look at, it's also fun to make with Susan's easy step-by-step videos.

Susan utilizes fondant, airbrushing, and other decorating "tricks of the trade" with this cake. It's best to have the "Cake Decorating Made Easy!" basics under your belt, or have other cake decorating experience to get the most out of this video set!
*** Online Version *** Chocolate Wrapped Cakes Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

Want to make a real impression? These delightful cakes will do just that!

And guess what... you'll be amazed at how easy it is to make these. A little of this, a little of that, and voila! You have cakes that look like you invested hours and hours.

And with the chocolate wraps - they're as good to eat as they are to make!
*** Online Version *** "School is Cool" Back to School Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

This is such a fun cake! It would be delightful for a children's party, or as a centerpiece for teachers meeting, teacher's retirement, special school accomplishment and more! It's easy to personalize, too!

Susan makes this fun with her easy teaching style and bright, fun colors. It's an eye-catching cake that exudes that back-to-school fever!
*** Online Version *** "Candy Clay On Display" Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

Have you wanted to decorate your cakes with Candy Clay (also known as Chocolate Clay, Chocolate Plastic, and Modeling Chocolate)? Well, let Tami Utley help remove the mystery and get you started!

"Candy Clay on Display" covers everything you need to start using Candy Clay for your cakes, including the recipe to make it, and techniques for making roses, ribbons, swags, and (as Tami calls it) "flouncing" or the skirting you see at the bottom of the cake.

It's fun to do, and Tami makes it easy!
*** Online Version *** "Quintessential Quincea¤era" Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

In Mexico, when a child reaches the age of fifteen, a special celebration called Quinceañera is held. In the United States, the age is usually sixteen when a girl gets to experience her "Sweet Sixteen" party, "Coming Out" Party or "Debutante Ball."

Presentation or Debutante Balls are also held in the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, the Phillippines and Latin America, and can celebrate ages from 15 through 18.

This glorious cake fits any of those events! It is perfect for the teenaged princess in any home.

Tami teaches you special techniques in this cake, such as the "fabric pleating" around the bottom, a fun technique for filtering Royal Icing when using tiny tips, and her technique for stenciling with outlining. All of these techniques can be used for many different kinds of cakes!
*** Online Version *** "Soccer All Stars" Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

If your "goal" is to "breakaway" and score a "direct free kick" with the soccer players in your town, then this is the cake to bake!

For boys and girls alike - change the team colors and it's a versatile cake for all soccer lovers.

This cake just happens to be a cake for Michael's daughter for her birthday - and he agreed to share the how-to with you!
*** Online Version *** "Winter Wonderland" Wedding Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

Winter marriages are so romantic, and such a special time to pledge love forever. They deserve a special and memorable wedding cake, and Susan Carberry can show you how to give the lucky couple the best.

This cake evokes the special spirit of the holiday along with the unique perfection needed for the perfect wedding.

This cake shows the decoration of cake using an airbrush or new food spray cans, along with fondant snowflakes and designs. The construction of the tiers is not included in the video set.
*** Online Version *** "Go Team!" Football Helmet Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

Now you can really impress the football player or fan with this realistic football helmet cake!

You'll score a touchdown and get the two point conversion, guaranteed!

Just change the colors to match your team of choice, and with Susan's easy step-by-step style, you can have that game-winning feeling of sweet success.
*** Online Version *** "8 Crazy Nights" Hanukkah Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

Add something very special to the Festival of Lights this year with this elegant Hanukkah cake.

Susan shows you how to adorn this special cake with a Menorah and give it the look of the joyful celebration that it represents.
*** Online Version *** "Clock Strikes Twelve" New Year's Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

Ring in the new year with this topsy-turvy delight! Susan shows you the *other* way to make a topsy-turvy cake - with wedges inserted between the layers to add the slants rather than cutting the layers on a slant.

This cake herald's the new year with a champagne toast and fun gold and silver stars, and makes you feel like you're in the middle of Times Square when the ball drops!

Celebrate with fun, glitz and cheer, and use the skills that Susan teaches for other projects. It's a win-win cake!