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*** Online Version *** "Luck of the Irish" Cupcake Tower Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

There's more than meets the eye with this video set. Susan Carberry creates wonderfully decorated cucakes for St. Patrick's Day, but also gives you the step-by-step instructions for making the tower itself!

With her instructions, you can learn how to construct an impressive stand, and this knowledge can work for creating stands of all kinds.

Cupcake towers are *huge* in the cake decorating world and you can learn how to make them with Susan's fun style.
*** Online Version *** "Top Hat O' The Morning" Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

What a great way to tip your hat to a St. Patrick's Day celebration!

With a little sculpting, a little fondant and a little touch of Susan Carberry's golden instructions, you can make this delightful top hat cake.

In addition, you have the instructions to make a top hat of any kind - picture it as a groom's cake!
*** Online Version *** "Frosty Pot O' Gold" Ice Cream Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

It's easy and it's fun, and the "Frosty Pot O' Gold" Ice Cream Cake can create a great festive atmosphere for any occasion.

Not only is this a St. Patrick's Day treat, but also a great cake for promotions, engagements, birthday parties, house warmings... the list goes on and on.

You'll be amazed at how quickly it all comes together with Tami's fun instructions.
*** Online Version *** "St. Pat's Party Pot" Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

Bring the joy and fun of St. Patrick's Day to your baking with this fun "pot o' gold."

Susan Carberry shows you how to make a delightful Leprachan, drinking a pint and having a grand time in his pot filled with shamrocks and gold pieces.

With her easy teaching style, you'll be a pro at making this cake!
*** Online Version *** "Shamrock and Suds" St. Patrick's Day Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

Whether for St. Patrick's Day or an occasion that calls for some "suds," Tami Utley's "Shamrock and Suds" cake comes to the rescue!

She shows you how to make an adorable leprechaun to place next to the impressive "beer" cake, complete with a frothy foam on top.

It's a cool, refreshing, yet entirely edible treat. With slight modifications, it fits all kinds of occasions!
*** Online Version *** "Claddagh Celebration" Irish Wedding Cake featuring Japanese Anemone Gumpaste Flowers Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

Whether from Irish ancestry or the desire to embrace the lovely meaning of the Irish Claddagh Ring - "Let Love and Friendship Reign Forever" - this wedding cake heralds the beginning of lasting relationship.

The design of the cake includes the template and instructions to make an Irish Claddagh symbol, ivy leaves and delicate Japanese Anemone gumpaste flowers.

When the bride is looking for a traditional look with a modern style, then this cake can be the perfect answer.
*** Online Version *** "Irish You Luck" Buttercream Petals Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

This is more than a St. Patrick's Day Cake! We also put this cake in the "Techniques" category, because Shelly Sicily teaches you the very popular technique of "Buttercream Petals."

Learn how to create a cake for any occasion in Buttercream Petals by changing the colors. Make this cake in shades of red, and it becomes a Valentine's Cake. Change it to blacks and oranges for Halloween, or reds and greens for Christmas.

You'll love the versatility of this instructional how-to video set!