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*** Online Version *** "Leaf Peepers Delight" Cookie Bouquet Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

This is one of those "works of art" that is soooo much easier than it looks! This cookie bouquet will draw raves from everyone who sees it, and it'll be one that people remember for years to come.

Trish shows you how to decorate the cookes and create the bouquet in this video set. Creating the cookies on sticks is taught in "Cookie Decorating Made Easy!"
*** Online Version *** "We Gather Together" Thanksgiving Cookies Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

When you think of Autumn and Thanksgiving, all kinds of images appear, and Susan Carberry captures so many of these in her "We Gather Together" Thankgiving Cookies how-to video set.

You'll learn how to make the pilgrims that preside over a Thanksgiving feast of turkey, squash and corn, with sunflower and acorn adornments. These cookies are truly mean to impress - and they will!
*** Online Version *** "Autumn Bounty" Patterned Cookie Wreath Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

Create a a gorgeous Autumn cookie wreath or individual cookies - this how-to video set by Tami Utley shows you how to be creative in your cookie decorating!

Decorate cookies with a "plaid" or "houndstooth" look, in bright Fall colors. You're going to love the results!