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*** DVD *** "Pretty Party Pack" Marzipan Treats Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $29.95

What a fun treat and a fun gift to make! These are colorful Marzipan candies in fruit and vegetable shapes for special candy gifts.

Linda Bills teaches you how to make Marzipan (no store-bought Marzipan for her!), and then how to shape and decorate the candies for gift giving.

If you've never experienced Marzipan, it is a nougat made of almond paste - tasty and easy to form into shapes.

Linda Bills has a wonderful, straight-forward and easy to understand teaching style - you'll be making these deslightful candies right away!
*** DVD *** "Sugar Rush" Sugar Treats Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $29.95

It's the *little* things that make an event special, and in this 22-part video set, Tami shows you how to add those special touches.

She shows you how to make an attractive heart-shaped sugar box, with colored heart-shaped sugar disks inside. Make some sugar sunflowers or sugar snowflakes for another look.

But the highlight of this video set is the miniature designs Tami shows you how to add to sugar cubes for ALL kinds of occasions:

Baby Showers
Autumn Events

You'll learn how to make tiny roses, butterflies, pumpkins, poinsettias, baby booties... and much more!

Set these next to the coffee at a party and just wait for the accolades!