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Team Spirit Cupcake Cake and 8 other great cupcake designs!
*** Online Version *** Cupcake Extravaganza! Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

Go Go - Get 'em Get 'em - Go Get 'em Go!

This cake shouts team spirit, so it's aptly named the "Team Spirit" Cupcake Cake! Visualize your own son's or daughter's team colors, and you'll be the envy of your town when you kick this cupcake cake through the uprights!

Is it easy to create? YOU BET! With our six step-by-step videos, you'll score an easy touchdown!

Also included are instructional videos for 8 other design types of cupcakes!
*** Online Version *** "Catch of the Day" Trout Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
List Price: $24.95
Our Price: $24.95

This is the one that didn't get away!

Susan Carberry did it again with this incredible trout cake called "Catch of the Day."

It does look like a real fish, doesn't it? And with Susan's 23 step-by-step videos, you can reel this prize in.

You'll be sure to please and surprise that fisherman in your life with this one.
*** Online Version *** "Football Fever" Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

Imagine the high-fives you'll get when you run this outstanding football cake into the party endzone!

Susan makes this cake a "piece of cake" to make, too! With slight modifications, it can represent any team you'd like, from the NFL to your favorite college and high school teams.

This versatile cake makes a game-winning touchdown for team parties, Superbowl parties, birthday events, Father's Day and any celebration that involves a football fan.

Susan utilizes sculpting, fondant, and other "tricks of the trade" to mak this cake. It's best to have the "Cake Decorating Made Easy!" basics under your belt, or have other cake decorating experience to get the most out of this video set!
*** Online Version *** "Soccer All Stars" Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

If your "goal" is to "breakaway" and score a "direct free kick" with the soccer players in your town, then this is the cake to bake!

For boys and girls alike - change the team colors and it's a versatile cake for all soccer lovers.

This cake just happens to be a cake for Michael's daughter for her birthday - and he agreed to share the how-to with you!
*** Online Version *** "Go Team!" Football Helmet Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

Now you can really impress the football player or fan with this realistic football helmet cake!

You'll score a touchdown and get the two point conversion, guaranteed!

Just change the colors to match your team of choice, and with Susan's easy step-by-step style, you can have that game-winning feeling of sweet success.
*** Online Version *** "Golfers Gear" Golf Bag Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

Everybody knows somebody who plays golf - or at least knows somebody who knows somebody who plays, right?

Well, this is the answer to, "What kind of cake do we make for a golf lover?" It's fun, and with Susan's instructions, you'll be amazed at how easy it is!

This cake has so many fun features - a golf bag, golf clubs, green flag, retro golf hat, golf balls, tees and a cool looking towel. And it's so realistic looking, too!
*** Online Version *** "Shamrock and Suds" St. Patrick's Day Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

Whether for St. Patrick's Day or an occasion that calls for some "suds," Tami Utley's "Shamrock and Suds" cake comes to the rescue!

She shows you how to make an adorable leprechaun to place next to the impressive "beer" cake, complete with a frothy foam on top.

It's a cool, refreshing, yet entirely edible treat. With slight modifications, it fits all kinds of occasions!
*** Online Version *** "Car Rally" Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

Vroom!!! What a fun cake for the car enthusiast! Climb a cake mountain with Susan Carberry on this road trip adventure!

Susan creates a scene complete with a winding road, fence, "tunnel," trees, rock wall, flags, road signs and a pinnacle with race car at the top - so much is included in this fun cake!

Make the entire cake or take the parts you like and create your own design. You'll learn so much with this video set!
*** Online Version *** "Addicted to Quack" Hunter's Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

Surprise the hunter in your life with this creative hunter's cake that we call "Addicted to Quack." We provide the templates for the geese and deer, and Amanda Hamilton shows you how to paint the cake to look like camouflage.

You'll find this an easy cake to decorate - no airbrushing - it's all painted!

Be ready for hunting season with this stand-out cake.
*** Online Version *** ?Fairway to Heaven? Golfer?s Tee-Off Cake Step-by-Step Video Tutorial
Our Price: $24.95

What is that sporting phrase? "Be the Ball." With Susan Carberry's "Fairway to Heaven" Golfer's Tee-Off Cake, your favorite golfer can see exactly what it's like to "Be the Ball!"

You'll be surprised and pleased with Susan's easy-to-follow instructions, and the lucky golfer will be surprised and pleased with the results.

Get a hole-in-one with this delightful cake!