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We have instructional how-to videos that teach you how to decorate stunning Cakes and Cookies, and make dazzling Candy!

We created the World's First Cake and Cookie Decorating Video Books because it's easier to learn by watching!

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*** Online Version *** "Leader of the Pack" Giant Motorcycle Cake *** Online Version *** "Queen of the Rodeo" Cowgirl Birthday Cake
Our Price: $69.95 (YummyArts Members use your coupon code for $15.00 off this video set!)
Our Price: $24.95 (YummyArts Members Use Your Discount coupon code for $5.00 off this video set.)
This is an amazing cake project by Tami Utley - a giant motorcycle cake that we call "Leader of the Pack."

Tami was asked to make this cake for a Harley dealership in California, and we thought it would make an outstanding how-to video set for you, so we recorded her making it from A - Z.

In this video tutorial, you'll learn how to construct the the cake from the very beginning to the very end - with PVC pipe for the structure, crispy rice treats for the wheels, and a cake engine and gas tank ready to feed 200. Tami even adds "exhaust" escaping from the mufflers - it's truly amazing!

Tami is an outstanding teacher, and after you watch this 63-part video set, you'll believe that you can make the same super-impressive cake!
For the cowgirl in your life, or the cowgirl in all of us, "Queen of the Rodeo" is a delightful girl's cowgirl birthday cake that fits the bill!

Susan Carberry teaches several neat decorating tricks, and shows you how to make a very cool pair of fondant cowboy boots for the cake topper. You'll learn how to make fondant ropes, a belt buckle, a pink version of a Holstein cow design, a cute miniature cowgirl hat, and other western symbols. You'll come back to this how-to video tutorial again and again!
*** Online Version *** "From Paris With Love" DECOgel Cake "Swim with the Fishes" Undersea Isomalt Techniques
Our Price: $24.95 (YummyArts Members use your exclusive coupon code for $5 off this video set!)
Our Price: $24.95
Learn to use Icing Image's newest product - DECOgel to decorate this lovely, romantic cake!

DECOgel is a gelatin-based product created for bakers, cake decorators, and sugar artists to melt and pour in to molds or use as a freehand decoration to decorate cakes and other sugar pieces.

Because it melts at a lower temperature than Isomalt, it is safer to use. Plus, DECOgel remains flexible, and can be used for ruffles, wraps, and in molds. The possibilites are limitless!
You're in for a visual treat with this how-to video tutorial. Peggy Tucker does amazing things with isomalt, and she'll make you a believer that you can do it, too!

From gorgeous coral, to sea grass that you'll be sure is waving in the ocean tides, Peggy will show you the tricks and techniques that will turn your cake into an undersea wonderland. (And you'll love the way she "paints" the cake to look like the ocean!)

If you've been afraid to try isomalt, or thought it was too much work, "Swim with the Fishes" will change your mind.
*** Online Version *** "Show Me Some Swank" Fondant Ruching Cake "Joyful Dance" Isomalt Butterflies Wedding Cake
Our Price: $19.95 (YummyArts Members use your exclusive coupon code for $5 off this video set!)
Our Price: $24.95
Learn the latest trend in fondant decorating - Ruching! After you watch this how-to video tutorial, you won't be able to wait to create your own lovely version!

In addition, Tami shows you how to make a striking, bold isomalt flower with copper edges. This is so impressive (and easier than you think!)

This would be an excellent first wedding cake to decorate, or a classic elegant cake to add to your portfolio!
Nothing adds that special bling to a wedding cake like Isomalt - a sugar substitute which can be molded, stretched, and formed into any kind of shape. With our "Joyful Dance" Isomalt Butterflies Wedding Cake, Peggy Tucker turns Isomalt into an elegant and whimsical wedding cake.

Learn to create leaves, butterflies and spirals which can be used to create this cake, or to add to other creations of your own.

Peggy takes the fear out of working with Isomalt, and you'll love her teaching style!